Insta Products is supporting the development of groundnut value chain in Turkana county for enhanced economic integration and self-reliance.

The goals of the project are:

  • Provide a reliable income opportunity from agribusiness and trade from the market
  • Increase household ability to access safe and nutritious food through own production.
  • Enable Refugee and host communities to produce beyond subsistence levels through commercially oriented modern agronomical expertise and training.
  • Economically integrate farmers with the market.
  • Create sustainable growth through robust producer institutions, availability of quality seeds, economies of scale, and employment creation throughout the value chain

Why Groundnuts?

High nutritive value

Groundnuts are a critical food crop in food security due to its high protein and micronutrient content.

Tolerates drought well

Turkana county is arid and receives inconsistent rains.

High return as a field crop

Farmers can earn more per acre farmed compared to alternatives like maize.

Ready and large market

Insta Products can buy more than 6000 metric tons per year.