Insta Products teams with WildlifeDirect and Enkijape Board of Governors and comes up with feeding program for the school children.

The Challenge

Education of most children at Enkijape is interrupted by hunger. A majority of the children walk long distances to return home for meals. A feeding program was necessary to enable children concentrate at school and reduce their absentism. The school also had inadequate supply of water and needed an extra source of water. The school had land but no irrigation system to cultivate crops.

The Solution

Insta Products teamed up with WildlifeDirect and Enkijape Primary School Board of Governors to feed 752 students with a high protein porridge at lunch time. The Big Life Foundation is also contributing with vegetables grown in a farm on the school grounds.

The Result

According to the schools head teacher, “The impact on the children is obvious. Their eyes are bright and they are lively, happy, loud and energetic. Best of all, they are concentrating in class and there is no absenteeism.”